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The Minimum purchase quantities by flower type News
29-09-2021In details
Expanding the assortment: Pampas Grass, Ecuador News
02-09-2021In details
Expanding the assortment: Pincushions from Colombia. News
01-07-2021In details
Callas white from plantation Flower Village, Ecuador News
01-07-2021In details
New technologies in flowers industry News
18-03-2021In details
We are starting the shipments of Ruscus from plantation Greener flowers, Colombia News
02-12-2020In details
Special offers at Daoflowers website - Africa stock News
23-06-2020In details
Africa Stock – working process in pictures News
We wish to remind our customers, that African roses stock (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia) is regularly uploaded on Daoflowers site.
23-06-2020In details
Starting shipments of Hydrangea from plantation R&G flowers, Colombia News
06-06-2020In details
New issues with flowers shipments: logistics problems. News
28-04-2020In details
Some Ecuadorian plantations stopped the flowers shipments. Airlines canceled flights. News
Некоторые эквадорские плантации приостанавливают поставки цветов. Отмены рейсов авиакомпаний.
20-03-2020In details
Flowers by Dain Tasker News
12-03-2020In details
Frosty weather in Colombia in February 2020 News
Columbian flowers growers and agriculturers are very concerned about the difficult weather conditions, since the beginning of February in some regions of this South American country surprised with never-before-seen level of frost - up to minus –6 degrees Celsius.
14-02-2020In details
Happy St. Valentine News
14-02-2020In details
Suggest color varieties to your Customers on St. Valentine’s Eve News
Half in jest and half seriously here is the tip from the Flower Expert J Schwanke of that you can follow when it comes to buying flowers on the Eve of St.Valentine's Day:
24-01-2020In details
Can I get my week volume at the regular prices during pre-holiday period – for example, before St. Valentine’s Day? News
02-01-2020In details
We are starting the shipments of Ruscus from plantation Zion flowers, Colombia News
04-11-2019In details
Starting shipments of new flower types - Craspedia and Veronica from plantation Florequisa, Ecuador News
30-10-2019In details
We are starting to supply Hydrangea from Plantation Zion Flowers, Colombia News
25-10-2019In details
The strike in Ecuador is over; flower deliveries returned to normal. News
16-10-2019In details
Strike of transporters in Ecuador: problems with delivery of flowers into the coolers of transport agencies News
03-10-2019In details
Starting shipments of Scabiosa from plantation Much flowers, Ecuador News
20-09-2019In details
Starting shipments of Dusty miller from plantation Much flowers, Ecuador News
20-09-2019In details
Starting shipments of Veronica from plantation Much flowers, Ecuador News
20-09-2019In details
Starting shipments of Trachelium from plantation Much flowers, Ecuador News
20-09-2019In details
Results of the St.Valentine and Womens Day shipments. News
06-03-2019In details
Operating features of the Trading Platform with the holiday upon us News
24-12-2018In details
New Year 2019, Daoflowers schedule of work News
22-11-2018In details
Grey rose grey ural mondial PNT from plantation La Rosaleda, Ecuador News
03-10-2018In details
Possible reasons to cancel the requested position on the Daoflowers Trading Platform News
08-08-2018In details
Regular drawing of a free box among customers who placed an order through our system News
18-06-2018In details
Painted rose White heart tinted from plantation Edana floralba, Ecuador. News
31-03-2018In details
Spray rose from plantation Magana, Kenya News
03-03-2018In details
Moon (lilac) spray and single-head carnations from Florigene plantations, Colombia and Ecuador. News
21-02-2018In details
Spray rose from plantation Gemflora (Golden Tulip), Kenya News
14-02-2018In details
Cold weather In Ecuador. Freezing and windy weather have a bad effect on the flower production. News
23-01-2018In details
Happy New 2018! News
29-12-2017In details
Hypericum from the farm Eternal, Ecuador News
06-12-2017In details
Ornitogalum and Solidago from the farm Florsani, Ecuador. News
22-11-2017In details
Gypsophila Cosmic from the farm FLODECOL, Ecuador News
16-11-2017In details
Panalpina has completed the procedures related to the acquisition of the transport agency Air Connection News
02-11-2017In details
Airlines that carry cargo from Kenya to Amsterdam, are forced to change the flight routes. News
25-10-2017In details
Changes in the airport Schiphol: how this will affect the import of flowers to Holland News
05-10-2017In details
The situation on the flower market of Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya before holiday of September 1, 2017. News
24-08-2017In details
Current prices on the flower market. A good time to expand the range or start working. News
08-06-2017In details
The situation on the flower market before the St. Valentine's Day News
23-01-2017In details
Ecuadorian flower plantations suffered from the high wind News
08-09-2016In details
Results of flowers delivery for the holiday on September 1, 2016 News
06-09-2016In details
Purchase by bunches - features and nuances News
31-08-2016In details
Problems with flower products in Ecuador News
21-06-2016In details
Orders schedule and day to day communication with customers and farms. News
04-09-2015In details
Pink varieties on the flower market are still more popular than yellow ones News
02-09-2015In details
Professional joke story from the flower business News
Professional joke story from the flower business
19-08-2015In details
We can offer not expensive short rose from Ethiopia News
18-08-2014In details
Flowers Purchase Discounts News
24-06-2014In details
Comparative analysis of purchase prices for St. Valentine's 2014 and 2013 News
11-02-2014In details
International Flower Exhibition FlowersExpo 2013 News
06-09-2013In details
Comparative analysis of supply prices for September 1, 2012 and 2013 News
04-09-2013In details
In Colombia, a general walkout continues. Important highways are blocked. News
23-08-2013In details
Fire at Nairobi International Airport, Kenya News
07-08-2013In details
The forecast for the coming days in Ecuador - cold weather, low clouds, rains News
The forecast for the coming days in Ecuador - cold weather, low clouds, rains
14-02-2013In details
New Quito airport will come into operation on time News
New Quito airport will come into operation on time
13-02-2013In details
A new service for our customers is the purchase of flowers with a high chances for nearest date of delivery to the point. News
Analyzing the daily farms offers, we can see in advance the positions (varieties and grades) that most likely will be available for tomorrow delivery to the point.
26-11-2012In details
Can you deliver flowers to my city? News
We have a different approach to each region.
17-05-2012In details
We offer to our customers a wide range of mini-callas from Ecuador News
We offer to our customers a wide range of mini-callas from the Ecuadorian farm, that specializes in the production of this type of flowers.
19-04-2012In details
International exhibition of flowers FLOWERS EXPO - RUSSIA 2012 News
International exhibition of flowers, plants, machinery and technologies for floriculture and landscape design
15-03-2012In details
Rainbow flowers - another novelty from Dutch, famous trendsetters of flower fashion News
Flowers have always been a nice gift for any holiday. And if we are talking about unusual flowers, the one who presents them stands out in particular.
30-11-2011In details
Farm Wayyuu, PQR Group (Perfect Quality Roses) suffer from rain showers News
Today we received a notice that in the nearest future there will be no quality performance of current orders from PQR, particularly from Wayuu.
21-11-2011In details
The volume of daily offers of flowers is slowlly decreasing News
After the shortage of flowers and very expensive key varieties in August and September 2011, traditional "October thaw" has finally came up.
16-11-2011In details
Farm Josarflor Exhibition samples News
Few of the farms can showcase such high quality standards and such a diversity of new varieties, even if it is exhibition samples.
19-10-2011In details
Purchase of flowers which are ordered with stop-prices. News
To optimize the purchase of flowers by the price criterion, many of our customers place their orders with stop-prices for certain positions.
23-05-2011In details
Additional information FlowersExpo Moscow News
Participants will meet their customers and partners in flower business from different Russian regions as well as from former Soviet republics.
13-05-2011In details
International exhibition of flowers FLOWERS EXPO - RUSSIA 2011 News
International exhibition of flowers, plants, machinery and technologies for floriculture and landscape design
17-03-2011In details
Happy New 2011! News
New Year's greetings from Daoflowers
30-12-2010In details
How to receive a price list for the flower products offered by Daoflowers? News
25-12-2010In details
Longer stems - is it by the wave of the hand or GMO? News
Some of the farms have to resource to non-traditional technologies in order to satisfy demanding requirements of the Russian flower market.
20-12-2010In details
Bulgarian customs inspected Turkish flower trucks News
On request of seven breeders, the Bulgarian customs inspected Turkish flower trucks and removed carnations and gerbera varieties that were grown in Turkey without permission of the breeders.
20-12-2010In details
Last Saturday the Cayambe valley was affected by a severe storm in the afternoon and hail storm where Hoja Verde is located. News
Some hail got inside the greenhouses and hit some flowers that have mechanical damage but also the accumulation of hail inside the greenhouses keep the humidity very high during a couple of days and the development of heavy botrytis.
16-12-2010In details
Storm rainfalls in Colombia and Ecuador News
Over the past week in Colombia heavy fall of rain led to the state of emergency in the country.
25-11-2010In details
Scanning system for flower shipments News
Martinair Aircompany is emplementing the new scanning system for flower boxes. It will define precise boxes dimenstions as well as calculate the real volume weight of the flower shipments.
23-11-2010In details
Special David Austin roses with delicate aroma can be ordered at Ecuadorian farms Navado & Rosaprima. News
Ecuadorian farms Nevado and Rosaprima produce several specific fragrant varieties of David Austin selection.
10-11-2010In details
Current orders coordination. Policy of flowers purchase. News
01-11-2010In details
There are frosts on the flower farms, north of Bogota News
Many Colombian farms located in the north of Bogota savannah, seriously affected by frost. According to preliminary information, plants and flowers have suffered, and serious losses of flower, intended for St. Valentine's Day, are expected.
05-01-2010In details
Happy New 2010! News
Dear colleagues, Happy New Year 2010!
30-12-2009In details
Today in Ecuador begins the strike News
Last Friday, many farms informed us about possible actions and blocking of main roads on Monday, September 28, 2009.
28-09-2009In details
How to edit your order on the website? What are the basic guidelines? News
18-08-2009In details
J van de Put announces a new service - online control of the status of our flower cargoes. News
14-05-2009In details
Happy New 2009! News
Dear colleagues, Happy New 2009 Year. Let it bring you luck and joy, fill your life with bright and unforgettable events. Thank you for being with us!
01-01-2009In details
Pricing policy at the current market situation News
The situation requires us to review immediately the prices of standard orders with the majority of farms.
24-10-2008In details
La Plazoleta farm launches carnation perfection variety in nets News
It turns out, carnation can be packaged into the nets
01-08-2008In details
Variety Quality Reports News
02-07-2008In details
Congratulations to all the fans of the Russian national team News
Congratulations to all the fans of the Russian national team with an important win over the team of Sweden and getting into the ¼ finals of the European Football Championship.
19-06-2008In details
Benchmark Growers farm launches new alsroemeria "The Queens Alstro” News
Benchmark Growers farm announces the beginning of production of top quality alstroemeria "The Queens Alstro" in nets, long stemmed, with at least 5 opened buds.
10-06-2008In details
Happy New 2008! News
Dear friends, colleagues, partners Congratulations to all on the New Year 2008!
01-01-2008In details
Accident at Quiti Aiport News
November 9, 2007 at the airport Mariscal Sucre crashed passenger liner A 340-600 airline Iberia, landing after the flight from Madrid.
13-11-2007In details
Frosts in Colombia go on News
Frosts in Colombia have caused serious damage to the production of flowers
06-02-2007In details
Frosts in Colombia News
Frozen in Colombia can significantly affect the preparation of flowers for supplies on March 8.
05-02-2007In details
We stop booking St.Valentine's orders News
We finish receiving orders for exits from the AMC on January 31 - February 9, 2007 today, January 16, 2007 for the reason that we must confirm (redeem) the seat on additional flights.
16-01-2007In details
Happy New 2007! News
Wishing you all the best!
01-01-2007In details
Holland will stop delivering flowers to Russia News
Holland approximately in the end of December will stop deliveries of flowers to Russia of production of a phytogenesis, including colors.
23-11-2006In details
Farms have pruned the bushes of roses for St.Valentine's Day News
As usual, in mid-November, Ecuadorian and Colombian rose-growing farms pruned the roses bushes in order to have the maximum output for St. Valentine's Day.
15-11-2006In details
Alternative flight Quito-Bogota-Amsterdam is announced News
Before the flower exhibition in Ecuador, a new flight was announced. Femke Fresh Fly Airline, Boeing 747-200, planned starting from October 22, 2006.
05-10-2006In details
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