The export of flowers from Kenya to the European Union by sea containers has a constant upward trend ...
In this article, we will try to help the aspiring entrepreneur make the right decisions in choosing the assortment of a flower outlet...
The national strike that took place in Ecuador between June 13 and 30, 2022 resulted in huge economic losses and created an unsustainable situation for the entire flower sector of the country ...
From June 13 to June 30, 2022 in Ecuador, at the initiative of various public organizations, mainly the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador, there was a strike at the national level...
Based on the drop in fresh flower sales in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic many experts forecasted further downturn in sales. Instead – for example, in the USA consumers bought ...
When our Customers plan to purchase flowers for the holiday deliveries, they would like to have the clearest possible understanding of the market situation, including the possible percentage of the order execution and price policy.
Before starting cooperation with a new customer, the flower supplier Daoflowers always asks the customer to provide as many contacts as possible for the time-efficient communication.
The key advantage of Daoflowers logistics is the total control of the flower cargo delivery from the flowers delivery by farms to the flowers shipment to the customer’s truck or to flowers delivery to the destination airport.
St. Valentine's Day, February 14 is one of the main flower holidays all over the world. International Women's Day, March 8 is more popular in the Eastern Europe. Flowers deliveries volume during these holidays increases significantly, as a rule, by several times.
Daoflowers always has an increased focus on the quality of flowers from Ecuador and Colombia. We regularly carry out the spot-check quality control of purchased flowers.
Daoflowers buys flowers daily from 250 plantations and distributes shipments between 180 customers based in Eastern Europe, Asian countries and in European Union
During the many-many years, starting from early 1990s our company specializes on flower deliveries from Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya.
Incredible art objects made of flowers were created by residents of the Dutch town of Zundert in honor of the birthday of the painter Vincent Van Gogh, who was born in this town in 1853
Depending on the customers’ demands to mix composition, there are several principally different approaches to their composing.
Cargo must depart from Colombia on Tuesday and Thursday to connect in AMS on Thursday and Saturday. The flights depart from AMS at 06:00 am, arriving the same day to OVB at 15:00 hrs. Rate: U$ 2.62 per kg + fuel surcharge U$1.30 per kg
There are a many advantages in the work with standing orders customer-farm, and one of the main is stability. After concluding the contract with the farm, the customer shall regularly buy defined/negotiated variety assortment of defined lengths, and the farm shall regularly provide the customer with these positions.