I am just about to start a flower business – Flower 11-02-2022 / FAQ

We have many potential customers who contact us via our website or mobile applications in the interest of their new flower business that they are about to start. Their willing to find the direct suppliers of flower product is quite rational and fully reasonable.

However, Daoflowers will not be able to offer services in the flower purchase to all of these potential customers.

A major challenge for the small businesses is the fact that we do not sell flowers in bunches, but in boxes. It should be considered that the the minimum volume per each flower type is 1 HB (Half Box).

The Minimum purchase quantity by flower types is described in detail here

We work only with specific tasks related to the purchase of flowers. Therefore, it is important to consider that if there is no example of required product, then it is difficult for us to offer something.

We can allow access to the farms daily offers online, however, to do this it is necessary to create a new customer’s profile in our system and programme an algorithm.

Prices for flowers may change every day. By the time when the customer opens his business and starts purchasing, prices will be very different from those that we provide today. Therefore, it does not make sense to focus on them. The cost of air freight is also changing. Both the fuel surcharge that depends on oil prices and the basic airline fares are not permanent.

The rates of transport companies that provide the custom clearance and delivery services of flower cargoes are also subject to fluctuations. The larger the volume of the customer`s order, the cheaper the rate provided to him. Between the rates provided for a customer with an order for three boxes and the rates for a customer who buys 1-2 pallets of flowers there will be a significant difference.

This fact should also be taken into consideration by the business owners who are going to open a flower business, seek to cooperate with the direct suppliers of flowers and optimize the purchase.

In any case, until you try to make a specific purchase, you will not be in charge down to the last detail.

Daoflowers is not interested in a one-time delivery of flowers to a customer. We are oriented towards the regular work with a customer on a weekly basis. Therefore, if we do not get onto the essence of the purchase task, do not offer the customer competitive price, the best possible logistics the customer will not be willing to continue cooperation.

We take on just the real tasks.

As soon as we have the customer’s order sample (the draft order) composed as follows:
variety-size/grade-quantity per each variety *

we will always help out. We will check the possibility of working with that kind of orders, preevaluate the range of order based on the current market prices, and also will offer options by farms in order to agree on them with the customer.

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We will be pleased to provide you with the best service and assistance in the flower business.