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Customers` possibilities

We are hope that the service of our website will allow customers to rest these places more frequently somewhere in ocean. We wish you to appear this photo as soon as possible:)

How can our portal be in use for flower buyers?

•  Our site has a huge database containing the catalogue of growers and varieties, that`s why this catalogue is truly unique. At the moment the strongest side of this catalogue is the full range of roses, carnations, spray roses, spray carnations, gypsophila and alstromeria varieties, grown in Ecuador and Columbia, Kenya.

•  The buyers can make their orders right on our site. The advanced interface lets the customer create variety mixes and determine possible substitutions using the farms` variety lists and flexible preference system. The history of the orders is stored in the database. The customer may import his order from the previous date; make necessary corrections and place it for fulfillment for the nearest time.

•  Any customer can watch any time the actual state of his order; see how the order is distributed between the farms, what items are already confirmed and which ones are still pending. The customer takes an active part in the distribution of his orders among the farms, he can interfere the buying process to make necessary modifications.

•  The special interface lets the buyer modify in a dialog mode his standing and contract orders contacting the numerous growers using our portal.

•  The system sends to every customer automatically a pre-alert - the document that gives all the necessary information about cargo arrivals and AWB numbers. Besides the customer can any time download all the necessary information directly from the site.

•  While determining his preferences among the farms and ordering certain varieties from certain farms the customer himself modifies the rate of farms and varieties. It`s quite evident that some farms may hold the leadership, which means that their quality at the moment is perfect. The buyers placing their orders through our website will also get the access to the up-to-date quality rate which is going to be a good tip to create orders.

Growers` possibilities

How can the flower growers, farms for example, use this portal? ЕIf the grower works actively with the site`s database he can:

•  Locate the variety list of his farm and update it permanently.

•  Announce about the new varieties planted on the farm that are going to appear on a regular base.

•  Provide their future customers with unique variety photos made right on his farm. As known the same variety may have a color gamma of more or less saturation depending on the area it is grown.

•  Any time the grower can see online what items of the order are expected from his farm the same day and what items can be packed and shipped the nearest days to complete the order in a proper way.

•  A special interface gives a farm a possibility to form standing and contract orders in a dialog mode with numerous clients who are also registered users of the portal.

•  The grower can place his new offers and sell them to numerous users of the site more effectively.

•  The grower automatically promotes his brand among the customers.

•  Any time farm`s department of coordination and logistics can see the update instruction on processing all the necessary documents(invoices, phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin) and on labeling the boxes. Besides the grower can get the exact AWB numbers under which the boxes were shipped.

Flower cargo coordinators` possibilities.

Transport agencies coordinating cargo shipments get the access to the up-to-date information that will help them:

•  Estimate the volume of flower cargos and pre-book all the necessary space in advance.

•  Watch on-line the information about the priorities for the flight according to the labels of each consignee.

•  See the deadline of cargo delivery (or the deadline of cargo`s arrival to its final destination)

The possibilities of agencies handling
the cargos in the locations of their arrival

At the moment the handling agency we work with in Amsterdam is IP Handlers, J van de Put Fresh Cargo Handling BV,that fulfills the following operations:

•  Cargo`s reception in the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam

•  The procedure of vacuum pre-cooling

•  Executing transit documents T1.

•  Loading the cargos into the transport companies` trucks or onto the flights delivering the boxes to their final consignees.

•  Using our site the cargo agency team can get (or check) the box distribution data directly from the site.

•  Having a constant communication with handling and transport agencies in the locations of cargo shipment we can always inform our customers about the situation of their cargo at each moment, when it is expected to arrive and when it is going to be available for further loading after pre-cooling.

Transport companies` possibilities

Transport companies` duty is to deliver cargos to their final consignees - the customers who use our portal. As a rule, customs clearance is also included into the range of their services. Choosing a transport company is up to the customer. As a rule, customers pre-book the cargos themselves contacting the transport company`s coordinating office directly.

•  While the cargos arrive to the location, transport companies get the pre-alerts from our system. The pre-alerts contain the space volume for each customer label, AWB numbers and cargo composition in stems.

•  Those who are responsible for the final delivery of cargos can get the on-line information that will help them to distribute the boxes between the customers correctly according to labels and AWB numbers.

Airlines` possibilities

Shipping flowers from Ecuador and Columbia we use such airlines as Martinair, KLM, CargoLux and LanChile. These are our basic airlines and they ship the major part of our flower cargos.

•  Using our special interface the airlines representatives can have the data about the quantity of boxes and weight of the cargos shipped for the customers of the portal for certain period of time. This data will be of a great use for future long-term agreements with airlines about space pre-booking.

•  Using our website`s newsline the airlines can announce their new flights that might be interesting to our customers as those to ship flower cargos.

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